Mohammad Seifzadeh

The tempo of harassing and imprisoning human rights defenders and particularly their lawyers in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, has picked up pace, again.

The latest example is Mr. Mohammad Sefzadeh who is the founder of the Defenders of the Human Rights Center with the announced mission statement of:

“Defending the prisoners of conscience, supporting the families of political prisoners, and taking stances on human rights violations as their mission”

Now, according to the news, he is to join other human rights lawyers languishing in Islamist Rapist prisons. Here is what RAHANA reports on the soon to be newest long-term guest at Hotel Evin:

“Mohammad Seifzadeh has been sentenced to a 10 year ban from working as an attorney and 9 years of imprisonment for acting against national security and founding the Defenders of Human Rights Center.”

To all the lawyers in the sane world, wholesale injustice is being done to your brave colleagues in Iran, where is your public condemnation and help?

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