Long Live Hassan Nasrollah!

A couple of days ago, I took an elderly relative to a European country’s consulate here in the U.S. so that she can get herself a visa to travel there and visit her son.  The son has had many health and family issues within the past few years and she was is rather anxious to see him.  So, we got all the documents together, got the travel health insurance, made an appointment and showed up at the consulate. 

When we got to the initial “registration” window, we were greeted by a friendly lady (or at least “friendly” until she saw the great emblem of the “Islamic Republic of Iran” on my relative’s passport) who directed us to the main waiting room, where she could still keep an eye on us through the adjacent window.  The room was filled with many nationalities, Pakistanis, Indians, Chinese and couple of Eastern Europeans.  People were directed to the visa window one by one.   Having gotten there late, we were one of the last people to get to speak to the visa officer.  This gave us an opportunity to observe everyone else, and notice that they each spent about 5 minutes at the window, where their paperwork was given a cursory review and they were told to return in two days to pick up their visas.

But then came our turn.  The minute we got to the window, a person (who I assumed was discretely dispatched by the “kind” registration lady) showed up to join the visa officer at the window.  They both then started to pepper my elderly relative with a million questions and put a bunch of other paperwork in front of her to sign, including one that asked whether or not she had received military training in Iraq or Afghanistan.  They the gave us a list of a million other things to bring them and sent us back on our merry way.

So, on the long drive home, while my relative was sitting next to me in the car, depressed about the possibility of not being able to visit her son, I couldn’t help by remember that this was the same country in Europe that I visited as a child  (before the 1979 devolution) with an Iranian passport.  Back then we didn’t even need a visa to travel there, and were treated with outmost respect.  But then I snapped out of such dreadful and unholy thoughts.  I said to myself: are you nuts Anonymous Observer?  Aren’t you an avid reader of Iranian.com?  Haven’t you learnt anything about the glorious accomplishments off the IR in the past 31 years?  Haven’t you read Niloufar Parsi, Q, Ardeshir Ommani and other contributors’ blogs and articles who REALLY know what’s going on?  Better yet, haven’t you heard about what the IR has done for Lebanon and the glorious accomplishments of the Lebanese Hezbollah?   Didn’t you hear how they “defeated” the “Zionists” in 2006 (notwithstanding Nasrollah’s goh khordam of course)?  Can’t you understand how good that is for the Iranian people?  Didn’t you read all the pieces by the aforementioned Western passport holding Marxists, West haters and paranoid conspiracy theorists?  Didn’t the American passport holding Soraya Sepahpour Ulrich say when she was attending Ahmadinejad’s chelo kabaob party that “President Ahmadinejad” has elevated Iran’s name so much that she now feels emboldened to “defend Iran” as well? So, what’s your problem?

At that moment I realized that the voices in my head were correct.  It IS all worth it.  The humiliation, the lack of respect in the world, the way we are all viewed as terrorists (which, of course, has absolutely NOTHING to do with the IRI and is all a Western and Zionist conspiracy), the way we have become the “bacteria” of the world…it’s all worth it.  These are all sacrifices that the Iranian people have to make so that Hassan Nasrollah and Hezbollah can become a “powerful force” in Lebanon and defeat the evil West, Israel, Zionists, imperialists, the evil residents of planet Alpha-Omega 1651, etc.

So, good job Mr. Nasrollah.  Keep up the good work.  The Iranian people are with you…really, they are with you in a sense that they are viewed in the same light as members of your organization, which is listed as a terrorist organization around the world.  We are all in this together…and consequences be damned.  

And to you, you ungrateful Iranian people: quit your whining and celebrate Hezbollah and Hamas’ victories.   That is all that matter, or should matter, in your miserable lives.  This is a struggle that you should take on…not the Western passport holding bloggers on Iranian.com or CASMII, but you, the average Hossein and Hassan in Iran.  It’s your purpose and place in this world…to be the useful tools of said bloggers.  Listen to them, and the Lebanese Hezbollah (not you, of course) will achieve greatness…and in the meantime, lower your expectations.  Why do you want to go to the “West” anyway?  It’s so…decadent and on decline.  Trust us.  We live here.  We will tell you all about it when we come to Iran on our next visit (it may be a wile, because we visit only once every two years).  In the meantime, try visiting South Lebanon.  It’s nice.  I heard there’s a new fifty million dollar park down there that you paid for.  You should visit it sometime.  Plus, Hezbollah can sure use your tourist dollars.  Long live Nasrollah!!!!!    

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