Sorry… mind if I mop while you mope?

I am a member of the National Iranian-American Council (.


My concluding remarks: All you have seen lately is hate-blogs such as NIAC talked to … and Perry Mason type never-ending yes/no multiple questionnaires on NIAC.  I have tied to show you a different side of NIAC that totally gets smeared in the hate dust.  So, one of the rats has come out in support of NIAC illustrating her accomplishments (point 1-3) in concrete / measureable outcomes through the ACTIONS taken by NIAC.  Most of NIAC’s critics cannot even make up their minds if Trita Parsi is an IRI agent, a US agent or even a double agent (00TP???).  If NIAC, “as an IRI agent”, got grants from the Feds, well, shame on the Feds…Then, write to the Feds and complain.  If Trita Parsi lectured/consulted with the White House, the Congress, the FBI and even the CIA… So be it.  As an American institution representing a portion of the Iranian-Americans, it just goes to show that NIAC is well respected and called upon to give a perspective to the other American institutions.  So, whoever you are Trita Parsi, keep NIAC going, or as the cartoon that I chose depicts (w/ apologies to our resident psychiatrists): While ya’ll bitch, moan and play the blame-game, NIAC is actually succeeding in achieving tangible results.

PS, please tell me about the accomplishments of your Iranian-American organization.  I may even choose to support yours!


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