Baha’i Fireside Videos Now Online.

At this time there are a total of seven (7) video segments for viewing which comprise the first two (2) nearly complete Firesides with one more segment to be posted soon. Following these in logical succession will be the rest of the Fireside series in video segments of similar duration as they become formatted for streaming web viewing.

The Baha’i Firesides cover topics such as the purpose of life and our individual existence, the origin of religion and it’s pivotal role in the birth of civilization and it’s various empires, the eventual corruption of each religion constructed around the great faiths throughout history, the scriptural, historical and scientific proofs for the authenticity of the prophets of each great faith and the specific formula used to determine their veracity beyond any doubt and much, much more for those who seek.

To watch these videos and be informed when each new segment becomes available see

The first segment of the first video Fireside is here:

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