E=MC2, NOT in Tehran

Yesterday, as was fully expected, for its serious human rights violations, IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, was condemned by a committee of the United Nations General Assembly.

The condemnation coming after the televised Islamist barbarity by IRR in dealing with peaceful demonstrators was not a surprise. Nor was the Islamist Rapist delegation dismissing the vote as “an unnecessary and unfair move orchestrated by the United States.”

The head of the Islamist Rapist delegation, Muhammad Javad Larijani, a former San Francisco resident during his university days, also said something which one hears from few others as well.  Speaking on behalf of the seventy million Iranians, the Islamist Rapist said: “Iranians do not want their country to be a copy of a Western democracy.”

My question:

Is the core concept of democracy something like the laws of physics, which this Islamist Rapist Muhammad guy studied in the U.S.?  

In other word, just as whether it is in Katmandu, Tehran or Berkeley California, the E=MC2 holds true, the basic tenets of democracy are universal as well. If that is so, what are these Islamist Rapists and others talking about?



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