‘I saw Ariel Sharon murder 2 Palestinian toddlers in Lebanon’

Israel officials call report by Dutch director
George Sluizer a ‘modern blood libel’ after he director claimed to have
seen then Defense Minster shooting children from close range near the
Sabra-Shatilla refugee camp in 1982.

Cnaan Liphshiz

Israel news
Ariel Sharon

Dutch media this month published articles
accusing Ariel Sharon of murdering Palestinian children in Lebanon.
Former officials who worked with Sharon said the publications were
false. The Israeli foreign ministry called the claim “a modern blood

The claim first appeared in the Volkskrant, the third largest paper
in the Netherlands, in an interview with the well-known Dutch-Jewish
director George Sluizer. According to Sluizer, 78, he witnessed Sharon
killing two Palestinian toddlers with a pistol in 1982 near the refugee
camp Sabra-Shatilla while filming a documentary there.

“I met Sharon and saw him kill two children before my eyes,” said
Sluizer, who lives in Amsterdam. Sluizer has made several documentaries
about the Israeli-Palestin… >>>

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