The leaking of snippets of IAEA reports to the media prior to its public release has become a tradition. The latest upcoming report is no exception.

It has also become a tradition of sort for the different media outlets to highlight the parts of report which suit their political agenda the best.

So it was to no surprise to have the international media saturated with reports of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, due to technical reasons having had to shutdown, temporarily, their illegal nuke enrichment. What was lost in the attention grabbing headline was the alleged shutdown was only for few days.  

Moreover, the total refined nuke produced by IRR has now reached the whopping 3183 kilograms and being increased at the rate of 123 kilograms per month.  Also, and crucially, since the month of February, the amount of even higher enriched stuff which can be further processed for bomb has reached 23 kilograms.

The sane world is sleepwalking toward IRR having nuke. The messianic Islamists who have announced their mission is to do some “wiping off the map” a member state of UN and  “manage the world” having nuke is a recipe for disaster.

This is a preventable disaster. The sane world needs to help fed up Iranian people to overthrow IRR, the alternative is disaster.

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