Iranian Sherlock Holmes & much ado about nothing!

Some of us are so SMART, we are only convinced Israel was behind terror of Iranian scientists if they capture a couple of assassins in Tehran with Mossad ID cards in their pocket, and then some! Yes, there is logically 0.0000000001% likely that some other actors were behind this but to leave the rest of 99.999999999% evidence and hang your coat on the minuscule remainder is “operational” definition of insanity!

Nothing feels more painful to find oneself in the crossfire between two fools. Those who advocate IRI was behind scientists terror are as fool as those who claim MI6 was behind Neda terror! And then there are folks who are so blinded by their hatred that they call every murderer punished and executed in Iran a HERO!

Folks, folks, folks… you are entitled to have your own opinion but you are not entitled to have your own facts! 

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