Let’s talk about “Molana”


During past several days, in two different blogs on IC, there have been discussions about Molana, aabout his place of birth, and one of his poems. This made me realize how little I know of this great Persian poet. Sure, when we went to school in Iran, we learned about him but I have forgotten so much of it. Unlike some Iranians in Diaspora, i don’t go to any weekly Molana class. And I have to confess that I have not read his poetry after high school. I know this is all bad for someone who writes poetry. But then I bet many of IC readers are like me. On the other hand, among our contributors, several have to know more than me about Molana. I hope.  Does anyone want to discuss him? Sorry if the topic has been recently covered on IC,  but if interested, please comment about Molana, his poetry, and write about what you have learned from reading his poems.

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