Obama didn’t mean it

With the passage of time and piecing together different tidbits of information the picture is becoming clearer by the day. The failure of the U.S. to stand up to IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, is of monumental scale which like the case with the Nazis, heavy price will be paid for not nipping this gathering cloud in the bud.

Apparently for four years, two of which during Bush Presidency, a future NIAC lobbyist, who can be termed as lobbyist in waiting, was part of the team to make nice with the Islamist Rapists.

At the crucial time when Iranian people rose up, Obama got the advice from these future NIAC lobbyist type to make nice with the Head Rapist Khamenei. While turning his back to the Iranian people asking for him to take a clear stand, Obama sent number of secret, now known, unsolicited letters asking for the Head Rapist’s hand of friendship for which he got no response.

Now the same NIAC lobbyists and their likeminded are blaming the failure of their nonsensical policy on Obama administration for not having its heart into making nice with the Islamist Rapists.

No wonder U.S. foreign policy on how to deal with the messianic weaponized nuke acquiring Islamist Rapist Republic looks so amateurish.


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