Waves of Dreams

Waves of Dreams

I want love, but with tears and sigh I do not!
A strong bond, play of wind and straw not!
Bitter feeling of loneliness kills my soul!
I want love, in and out friendship I do not!
I do not tolerate dark and cold well,
Well!  I want blaze of sun, moonshine will not!
I want pure love, soft as silk, in the color of light
A bonfire of love, but misleading flame will not!
I want deep-rooted affection, free of limitation
A sweetheart and a companion, but confined to month and year I do not!
The way is unclear and I in search of a co-traveler
A co-traveler to the end, to the midway I do not!
Anything in this world can easily be passed by
Pass by troth and love, even for a short time I will not!
There is nothing in my body except waves of dreams
I want a “Star” love!
A resentful love I do not want!


Footnote: This is my translation of a poem by Mrs. Alikhani.  The original poem can be found here:


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