The goddamn agenda

As expected, other than agreeing to meet again, the two days of talks between the so called 5 +1 and the representative of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, produced nothing.

In fact, given the attached video, the talks have further clarified the entrenched positions taken by both sides. Namely, the sane world demanding IRR stop its illegal nuke, and the weaponized nuke acquiring messianic Islamist Rapists saying up yours.

Lost in all this sleepwalking to disaster is the plight of the Iranian people whose basic human rights have been systematically trampled on by the Islamist Rapists for the past thirty two years. The same universal rights the sane world pays lip service when it suites its tactical needs.

In turning the tide of Islamist barbarism in the Middle East, Iranian people are the best hope the sane world has.  The sooner this basic fact is understood, the sooner the road to recovery and return of some sanity to the ME will begin.

This talking about just nuke till the mushroom clouds are visible is going nowhere. It is about human rights stupid; put it on top of the goddamn agenda!

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