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I was in Florence a few days ago. During a tour of the Palazzo Vecchio, I was thrilled to see a 16th century map of Persia. There were many names I recognized. Like Mazandaran and Gilan; Caspian Sea and Hormuz; Shiraz and Kerman, Parthia and Shush, spelled in Italian of the day. Yes, and the Persian Gulf, too! Here’s Wikipedia’s description of the map room: “The Hall of Geographical Maps or Wardrobe is where the Medici Grand Dukes kept their precious belongings. The cabinets and carved ceiling are by Dionigi Nigetti. The doors of the cabinets were decorated with 53 remarkable maps of scientific interest, oil paintings by the Dominican monk Fra Ignazio Danti (1563-1575), brother of the sculptor Vincenzo Danti, and Stefano Buonsignori (1575-1584). They are of great historical interest and give a good idea of the geographical knowledge in the 16th century.” Go crazy!

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