Survey: Are you in favor of/against targeted assassination?


Before you read further, please mark your answer.   It is important to do so, and hopefully in one-two weeks time you can reenter your opinion, should heaven forbids 🙂 your opinion change as a result of discussion.   I have written mine and will also put forth mine as well.

A discussion on another thread regarding the assassination of the two Iranian scientiests prompted me to seek  general sentiment of IC residents on this topic.   In that thread, some expressed joy and happiness on actions to eliminate top IR officials.   To be honest the only time in my life I truly wished somoone was dead was toward the end of Iran-Iraq war.   Then it appeared the only force who was able to say end it, and wouldn’t was Khomanee.   And he wouldn’t do it.   To be clear, I never wanted to kill him myself, but I did wish him dead.   That is about the only time when I thought physical elimination of and indivdual could make a difference.   This in my view was more just for a specific goal:  to end the war and misery that was continuing.   As it turned out, he himself accepted to end the war and the war ended.

So I am not going to make this survey easy, that is why there is a “may be” clause.

Now the question is:  Would you have favored his assassination, say 2 years prior, knowing that could have ended the war earlier?

Although this survey is presented with 4 answers to make it easier for participaiton, obviously sharing the trend of thought that leads you to that conclusion is most welcomed.

Just to throw some issues to consider:  would it be a fundamental belief one way or another?  would it matter who/how it was done?……. ok that should be enough for a hopefully interesting discussion.


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