Arab Media Wonders: Where Are the WikiLeaks Cables Critical of Israel?

Arab media are growing more suspicious of WikiLeaks’s
selection process of the released U.S cables. Many Arab journalists are
wondering why none of these cables are critical of Israel, despite the
controversy surrounding its wars in Lebanon and Gaza.

According to
the organization has acquired about 4,000 U.S cables that originated
from the American Embassy in Tel Aviv. Yet the website has released only
22 cables so far, none of which damages the credibility of Israel. To
the contrary, the leaked U.S. cables have forced Arab states in the Gulf
to publicly take stronger positions against Iran and have strengthened
Israel’s position against the Palestinian Authority.

founder Julian Assange could not find better support for his decision to
go public with the classified U.S. diplomatic cables than remarks made
by the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

In Time magazine,
in an attempt to show that the publication of the U.S. cables “will
result in some new kind of harmonization.  “And we can see [Netanyahu]
coming out with a very interesting statement that leaders should speak
in public like they do in private wheneve… >>>

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