NIAC lobby & Israel

In a Dec 2nd press release the NIAC lobby announced three new activities which it is planning to undertake with the “major” grants it has received. , One of which is:

“Another grant will promote peaceful relations and improved understanding between the Iranian-American and Jewish-American communities through improved communications and direct collaboration between individuals and organizations in both communities.”

Lets hope through this and other individual efforts paying for NIAC lobbyists, “peaceful relations and improved understanding” is achieved.

However, charity begins at home. NIAC lobby and many of its individual lobbyists need to do some personal improving of their understanding first.

In the latest NIAC lobby press release, the first of the top five self declared achievements enumerated by the lifetime NIAC lobby president and its chief lobbyist is:

“1-Stopped the advancement of a Congressional endorsement of Israel initiating war with Iran.”

Making such erroneous grandiose claims aside, NIAC lobby needs to stop demonizing Iran and Iranian peoples’ only real ally in the Middle East and start blaming the real culprit which is IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

With all the Wikileaks documents debunking the NIAC lobby’s operating theory that, all the hoopla is because of a strategic competition between  Israel and IRR for dominance of the Middle East—while the documents show it is Israel + Arabs v. IRR– it is time for NIAC lobby to stop making exuses for IRR’s belligerent warmongering and do some “improved understanding”  of its own.

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