Cause célèbre

A website connected to the losing side of the factional war in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, has gotten hold of and published a twenty seven page Kahrizak “indictment.”

Needless to say Kahrizak is the notorious torture and rape center where uncounted numbers of last year’s peaceful Iranian demonstrators were assaulted at, and at least three were murdered.

Lady Ebadi at time of her accepting the Nobel Peace Prize along with other Iranians made defense of the Guantanamo detainees their cause célèbre.

There are enough details in these Kahrizak pages to make the still operating shameful American facilities at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba sound like a Caribbean resort for the Islamist terrorists.

With some of the details of the standard operating procedure at one of the many rape and torture centers spelled out in the official IRR papers, wouldn’t it be a perfect replacement cause célèbre for the Iranian champions of the Guantanamo Bay?

After all with the election of President Obama, the Guntanamo cause has been laid to rest by those Iranians.  Adopting the horrendious plight of all enslaved Iranians, not just the ones with the right political pedigree, would not be replacing any other beloved causes.

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