IR terrorists who should be put on trial and executed volume 3

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,

Prime Ministers and Presidents

Congressman and Parliamentrians.

The Iranian people call for the trial and execution of the following terrorists of the IR. 

Seed Mortazavi – Deputy Prosecutor General 2003-2009

Criminal Profile: Detained and murdered student demonstrators in
the 2009 uprising.Known murderer of Zahra KAzemi the Canadian-Iranian

Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje’i – Prsoecutor General of the IR

Criminal Profile: superor toSaeed Mortazavi

Saeed Jalili –  Secretary of the Supreme National Council 

Gholamn Hosseini Mohseni-Ejei 

criminal profile:Terroist IR Lecturer and anti-Zionist Islamist propagandist on IRIB and terrorist media boradcasting.

Ali Younesi 

Criminal Profile – Former terrorist intelligence officer and known prostite trafficker of Iranian women to Dubai

Heydar Moleshi – Prosectuor General 2009 

Mohammad-Hassan Aboutorabi Fard -Deputy Iranian PArliamentary Speaker 

Hassan Abbasi 

criminal profile: Renowned terrorist and Islamicpolical analyst.Dangerous Islamist propagndist.

Hassan Rahimpur 

Terrorist, torturer and fabricator of confessions from innocent Iranians.

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