Beliefs, Bullshit and Tolerance

So, you believe in Bullshit such as man-made concept of God, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, or other obscure religions. That’s fine,  if it gives you comfort, calm and happiness.  But will you please leave me alone, not enforcing your weird ideas on me, including forcing my woman having to go under burka/chador when visiting your country, or closing all shops in Christmas day in the west, or not letting me have milk with my coffee on Friday nights in Tel Aviv?  What is the matter with you people and your intolerance toward anyone who does not share your belief system?

As an atheist, I am supposed to have tolerance for your “Azan” through the minarets, 5 times a day, and not have any alcoholic drinks.  But where is your tolerance when my freedom starts?  Can’t you see that you are a mere domineering freak, on a one-way ticket to fascism?  Are you blind, or don’t you look at yourself in the mirror?  Do you believe in democracy, or is democracy only defined by your book, whether it is Bible, Qoran, Torah, the Mormon Blue Book, the scientology paradigm, or other books?  Why can’t you grow up and become tolerant, as you expect me to be tolerant towards your belief system?

The middle class/rich Moslem men travel to the French Riviera and stare at the naked breasts of European women sunbathing at the Mediterranean sea, yet those very men cover their women back at home. What a hypocritical bunch.  Hey, Mr. middle-eastern with double standards, either let my woman walk in the streets of your Arab country with mini skirt and make-up without being bothered by your brethrens, or don’t let your woman walk in the streets of the west with a veil or a chador.  I hope you can clearly see your double standard.  Otherwise you are expecting me to have tolerance for your bullshit belief system, while you have no tolerance for my belief system.  With your permission, I say go f*#k yourself.

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