A Complete Unknown

I am crying.  I feel this person telling me to get this out, just as I happened to hear Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone.  I have been looking at the Horoscope of The Late HIH Ali-Reza Pahlavi, and I see so much potential.  Then I looked him up and was gobbed smacked.  My jaw dropped.  He went to Princeton. I immediately put it on my Twitter. What was his Senior Thesis I asked.  Couldn’t find it.  Arrgh!  Then saw he did not stop.  He went all the way to Harvard and did a PHD.  You do a PHD.  You cannot buy a PHD.  So shut up, if you are thinking that.  The question I ask is what happened to his stuff? Where are his thoughts?  I sent a direct message to HIM Cyrus Reza Pahlavi.  Shit this tear is itching … wait.  ( he blows his nose …) and guess what now I am hearing another song on softclassicrock Hatian Divorce by Steely Dan and it mentions something about tears.  Coincidence?  No it is called Life, and it is more real than you think.  Reality is stranger than fiction.  You have to live.  We are all part of a network.  We are all connected, and we need to get it out.  SHOUT it out.  Did Alireza shout it out?  Did he have the guts to get on iranian.com and just let it all spill out.  NO NO NO.  That is what causes depression.  That is what it feels.  And now I hear the the tune Jim Croce playing Operator.

He did not have anyone.  But he is in all of our hearts.

This is incredible 

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