IranAir’s Art

Writing on an IranAir poster: Our Art Is Flying With Tied Wings

I am heartsick for the new tragedy that led to another set of lost lives aboard another Iranian airplane.

I assume the above poster was designed to demonstrate IranAir’s resolve to fly despite sanctions which have kept Iran from being able to buy parts to maintain its commercial aviation fleet.

Do you see the arrogance in this poster? Can you read the complete and utter lack of regard for human life in that slogan? Why can’t IranAir’s art be telling the Iranian people the truth about the dilapidated state of the old and aging airplanes in IranAir’s fleet? Why insist on flying airplanes which keep crashing? Sanctions against Iran are not limited to recent years and around its nuclear program.  Why can’t the Islamic Republic of Iran’s “art” be figuring out a way to live peacefully among the rest of the countries of the world, where it does not have to be sanctioned for 30+ years, endangering the lives of its innocent citizens in numerous ways?


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