Terrorism in America

I do not want in any way to excuse the actions of IR. The point of this blog is to show people how terrorism is everywhere. That many nations have problems with it. And that no group is free of nut jobs who will act on hate and murder innocent people.


In recent months IC has been inundated with posts and blogs saying how Iranians are uniquely horrible. That Iranians are all Islamist terrorist and the West specially American is somehow a superior breed. Now we witness a tragedy in America which has nothing to do with us. One born out of hate the political extreme has been pushing for over 30 years. Done by a “White” Western person who is neither any thing to do with us. But if a similar incident involving an Iranian had happened I shudder to imagine the blogs some people would write on IC.

I just want to get people to participate. Tell use what they think. Recognize that people are all fallible.  I for one condemn this cowardly act of murder with all my heart. I hope so do we all. However I do not hold Americans in general responsible for it. No more than holding Iranians responsible for IR. Will people finally open their eyes and see terrorism is not due to nationality. It is due to being a terrorist: it should be very obvious now.


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