US shouldn’t be borrowing to pay tribute to Israel

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January 7, 2011 – Joseph Clifford

A distant relative asks you to loan him money but you cannot afford it.

Would you be willing to borrow money so that you could loan it, then
have him invest it in a bank and earn interest on the money you
borrowed to loan to him? Of course not.

Would you take money out of your family budget and deprive your
children of necessities so that you could make this loan to your distant
relative? Of course not!!

Thanks to your generosity and a Congress subservient to the people
and government of Israel, you will borrow 3.4 billion dollars and give
it to Israel this year.

While some folks in Congress are discussing cutting social programs
for American citizens, Israel is to be given more money than ever this

Few Americans realize that Israel by law is the only foreign aid
recipient to receive its yearly money in a lump sum within 30 days of
the New Year. The U.S., on the verge of bankruptcy, does not have the
$3.4 billion on hand to give, so it borrows the money from the Treasury
and naturally has to pay back millions in interest, while Israel take… >>>

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