Prince and Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard never mourns

With a public caravan

But in heart.


Immortal one took an oath

So princess’ smile shall last

The darkness of the night

But it did not.


So the jolly prince or his

Bride can take a safe ride,

He wielded a sword

But dishonored it by

Not pulling out on the mob.


Now that mob claims to

Be a remorseful crowd,


Now that the vultures

Have taken over of

The ancient hut,


Now that mayhem, darkness

And blood

Claim our nest as slaughterhouse


I am a shameful immortal one,

At the mercy of my ghosts at night,


Your pain forever etched

On my soul and your voice echoing

In my heart,

I see my own tribe in your blood,

I see my days tailing your sunrise,


Now that the prince has taken a last ride,

I give you one more oath,

That there is an inner-monarch

Who will never cease to go ahead

And beyond, despite carrying your sorrow

Always in his heart,


Rest in peace lonely soul

As I have chores to do

To redeem my own soul

Since I abandoned and left you behind.


Let my restless conscience be always

Behind to do more good,

So I can subdue the lurking murmurs

On the conscious of this tribe.


Rest in peace.



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