Bread and Tulips

Bread and Tulips

Bread and Tulips (2000) is a really good movie that I’d recommend and give it 3.75 stars. It is in Italian with English subtitles and you can see a trailer here.  It is fun to watch and if you’ve ever been to Venice there is nostalgia in it for you from all the alleys, shops, people and the general quiet that you find here and there.   Ironically somewhere in the movie the Florist states that despite popular belief tulips did not come from Holland they came from Persia!

I was reminded of this movie when I saw JJJ’s short trip to Venice and his photo essay.  Given he travels a lot and stays in strange places (Budapest!) and is looking for his next man cave, I thought Venice would be a nice place to consider.  No cars and no need for them anyway and another incentive for car-less people! So JJJ watch this movie and find out how to live there on the cheap and have fun at the same time!  If anyone can do it for real it’d be you!

We’re often busy with our work and daily lives and we only get to go to these places on vacations and when we go we always wonder what it’d be like to live in them.  So we try to go and visit the places that tourists don’t go –  local hangouts.  Those are the places to see!

This is a movie about a house-wife who’s on vacation with family and as fate would have it she ends up in Venice all by herself.  She finds a place to stay and later finds a job to pay for her expenses while staying at Venice as a local.  She finds friends and meets a man along the way.  It is fun and what we all imagine would be nice to do.  You don’t need a high paying job if you get a room to stay and don’t buy a lot of stuff that you can really do without.  All you need are some clothes and a bed to sleep.  Easy living!

The scenery is exquisite and well made with a nice plot.  It is comedy and despite what the brief synopsis at Netflix says about a suicidal man, that is such a small part and the movie is really about romance and comedy, more comedy I’d say.

While the movie is about living in Venice I think the message is universal and you can use the same plan and live anywhere!  If you can’t live your material world behind you can still imagine and this movie will help you imagine!

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