Iran and Qatar make biolateral ties for the birds?

Iran and Qatar are still interested in working together on environment projects. This time dealing with protecting endangered local animal species.  A new agreement was signed…which follows  a Memorandum of Understanding  signed last February by the two men, [that] also included working jointly on issues dealing with elements behind regional insecurity.”

The new agreement includes cooperation to “save from extinction” endangered wildlife such as the Iranian Oryx , which Mr. Mohammadi-Zadeh says is “an animal on the verge of extinction and supported, that can fortunately be further protected thanks to the close cooperation between Iran and Qatar in various animal, plant and other environmental protection fields.”…The new agreement also calls for the establishment of preserves to be used to protect and breed endangered wildlife, including species of game birds in order to provide the situation for bird race competitions

As we noted in the previous article in February, there may be more than meets the eye in this agreement; especially when the two officials were photographed wearing the military uniforms of their respective countries when they signed >>>

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