Sanity is not a virtue

As opposed to the English expression of hitting the right cord, meaning getting it just right, the Persian expression of hitting the last cord is indicative of desperation, equivalent of the Hail Mary pass.

True, during their thirty two years of barbaric Islamist rule over Iran and Iranians, Islamist Rapists have proven their savagery.  However, even by the already outrageous Islamist standard, the recent string of stupefying “judicial judgments” handed down by IRR, the Islamist Rapists Republic brings to mind the expression of hitting the last cord. 

In other word, those Islamist Rapists are desperate, and desperate Islamist Rapists do what they know best, increase their innate savagery.

Right on the heels of announcing uncontainable long prison sentences to be followed by apartheid era banishments on many Iranians including the human rights attorney Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh and street children activist Ms. Shiva Nazar-Ahari, just to name a few, comes a new outrageous “sentence.”

RAHANA, the Human Rights House of Iran, reports:

“Mohammad Darvishi, jailed Iranian student was handed an increased sentence of five years and six months in prison by an Iranian appellate court.Darvishi was handed a sentence of three years and two months in prison in a Kouhdasht Revolutionary court in December.”

In any sane system once a case is appealed, the appellate court does NOT increase the sentence which is being appealed. However, sanity is not a virtue which the Islamist Rapists can ever be accused of possessing.  

The only salvation for the enslaved Iranians and the sane world is in the imposition of airtight sanctions which include banning the purchase of blood oil and gas from IRR. No petrodollars equals downfall of the nuke acquiring messianic Islamists bent on “managing the world.”

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