1 vs 77

I am walking aimlessly on the shop floor of our shop, and a thought passses through my head.  “why is it that we Iranians went absolutely bananas over the death of an unknown person but with a title, and yet just barely cared for seventy seven people in a plane crash”?

It is awful.  Look at the number of hits, on all the reports and stories surrounding the death of HIH Prince Ali-Reza Pahalvi.  Now take a look at the number of hits and stories over seventy seven Iranians that died in a plane crash.

Is there any significance in all this? What is it that moves people to be so much more emotional over one incident versus the other?  Why is it that we do not show at least ten times more euphoria over the plane crash?

If you are a human being you should be more worried over the plane crash.

If you are a Communist or an Islamic Fascist, you you would not give a second thought to the Prince’s death.  But the evidence is to the contrary.  Look at the responses in their web sites.  Most would not dare criticize their regime.

Look at the emotional response of the nationalists or Royalists. Needless to say, they have responded to the death of the Prince, and have shown a lot of sorrow towards the plane crash, and have criticized the regime for its rediculous attitude that has caused the sanctions that lead to the plane crash.

So what are we to deduce?  Who has care or empathy?  Overall we Iranians are a sad lot.  Shame on all of us. 




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