Iranian “Zionists/neocons”

For some it is a touchy subject near and dear to their hearts.

The subject is the occupation of a land.

The subject is the subjugation of indigenous people living on that land.

The subject is the rape and pillage of defenseless men, women and children of that land.

The subject is the systematic assault on the culture and the very fabric which holds those enslaved people together in that land.

Two of the most used canned responses are:

How would you know what people think, you don’t live there. And, you sound like a “Zionist/neocon” with ulterior motive; ergo your point of view is invalid.

But, fact is fact. One can deny it, ridicule it or even dismiss it out of hand; however, it makes not an iota of a difference to the fact.

The fact is “in the Middle East, there is one occupied land, one occupied country and that is Iran. Iran and the Iranian people have been taken hostage by a regime which has no interest in the Iranian culture. ”

The question is no longer wasting time and irreplaceable Iranian lives talking about the merits of the ridicules proposition of “reforming” the unreformable IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, and expecting that “reform” nonsense to be effectuated by the lifetime career Islamists with Iranian blood on their hands.

The question is regime change. The question is what would be the least harmful to the beleaguered Iranians. If not sanctions a la South Africa, then what, continuation of the brutal occupation and the very real probability of a devastating war?  

I know as they have done so on many occasions in the past, the usual Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodles of lefty allies might pounce. But, instead of the kneejerk reaction, they should listen carefully and see who is saying it.

The above highlighted quote is from Arash Sobhani of the popular Kiosk band who is born and raised in the occupied Iran. Is he a “Zionist/neocon “too?

If so, their number is growing by leaps and bounds in the occupied Iran.!

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