Sargord’s support of IR terror and its consequences

I want to begin this thread with a challenge for the anti-Fred constituents and provide solid proof that Fred has said explicitly that Iran should be bombed or attacked militarily. You are confusing Fred with me. 

I have realised that I have stated on this very site that Iranians need to overthrow this regime by force of arms with military assistance from other  countries and not by belligerent carpet bombing. The mere fact that I have advocated Iranians, like other oppressed people should use weapons to free themselves with military backing provoked hostile reaction, name calling, and perhaps because of my ardent hatred of this regime I offended some people, including veterans of the first Persian Gulf War (1980-1988). I am not a general, I have not served in the military or been part of some international military focus group of any kind. Regrettably, I have come to accept that to overthrow this terrorist occupying regime can only be achieved by violence and there will almost inevitably casualties and sacrifices which has to be made. 

Sargord has said he ‘merely accepts the IR’ for what it is. Every one knows nothing could be further from the truth. Sargord hails every achievement of the IR, defends or finds excuses for executions and tortures by using comparisons to the other countries to focus attention away from the atrocities of the IR. When it comes to both internal polcies of the IR and its dangerous war-warmongering policies of the IR, Sargord is reticent in his criticisms but never stops short to criticise Bush and Obama despite the fact that he boasts to being a ‘native of America’ with families spanning back to the Ice Age. 

 Compare the pictures on Sargord’s blod and these here. Sargord shows pictures of casualties of war and I have provided pictures of executions, rape, torture in Iran in the last 30 years and more. More than 50 people have already been executed at the beginning of the new year and journalists and women like Sakineh are still imprisoned.

 I am a traitor . Fred is a neo-con Zionist but how does this improve the situation in Iran if we stopped and went away? . YOU decide what course of actions to take. YOU weigh the odds of inaction and pacifism at all cost against war. YOU decide whether the price of hundreds of more Iranians consigned to the deaths, torture and ignominy  and what to do. 



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