Tony Blair is right

Love him or hate him, dismiss him as a has-been or consider him as the ultimate establishment man, Tony Blair represents a formidable constituency in the sane world and his recent call against IRR is right on the mark from their point of view. 

One can counter his call to consider military option against the nuke acquiring messianic Islamists bent on “managing the world” with civilly recounting the recent history, or go at it like the rabid Islamists do with loutish language. At the end, it makes not a bit of difference.

The fact remains many lawmakers in the sane world detected a threat from Iraq and voted, which in the  U.S. was overwhelmingly, for militarily ousting the tyrant and did so.  The afterward vote getting politicking trying to distance themselves from their decision has no bearing on the core mechanism when it comes to protecting national security and way of life.

Push comes to shove with IRR, and it is, the sane world would not hesitate a second to attack and attack with devastating force.

Politicians will skillfully protect their jobs afterward like the famous “anti-war” U.S. Senator who said of his part in voting for Iraq resolution: “I voted for it [war] before I voted against it.”

 Before the critical mass is formed in the sane world, those who truly care for Iran and Iranians, who are anti-war and anti-IRR which has proven to be unreformable, must do all they can to help overthrow the messianic Islamist Rapists. And try to convince the sane world to wholeheartedly back the sanctions route and help the enslaved Iranians with material support to overthrow their Islamist Rapist tyrants.  

Imposition of airtight sanctions which include ban of purchase of blood oil and gas from IRR is the last hope, the alternative is being advocated by establishment which has proven its propensity to eliminate the threat and think of the clean up as an afterthought. 

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