It is puzzling; when it comes to differences between some of the vociferous self-proclaimed “opposition” to IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, and its hardcore messianic Islamist Rapist supporters, there is not much visible to the naked eye.Both sides agree on:

The regime is here to stay, one side claims it needs and can be reformed, while the other side says things are just fine as is.

The “right” to nuclear technology which can be switched to weaponized application to empower IRR is paramount for both sides.

Bothe sides detest the sane world, one side which lives in it and benefits from it can’t stop besmearing it all time, the other side having the state facilities at its disposal does the very same thing on a much larger scale.

Both sides consider Israel, Iran’s only historical strategic ally, as their nemesis. One side cannot get into any discussion without torturously connecting it to the Jews and the detested Israel, the other side does not beat around the bush and goes straight for the “wiping off the map” thing.

Both sides warn against getting help from outside to fight the regime. The regime friendly lobbies in the west while exempting their selves from getting “outside” funding belittle,  tar and feathers all those who do, the Islamist Rapists just use the “outside “ funding as an excuse to murder Iranians  they find troublesome to their rule.

So, what and where is the meaningful difference between the two?

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