Rivaling the Germans

Those who have been to Zahra’s Heaven cemetery in the outskirt of the chaotic Iranian capital, instantly realize how superbly the place is run. It is like walking into some German administered facility, clean and efficient.

In sharp contrast to abysmal health services, given the legendry corruption and mismanagement of all aspects of public services by IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, cemeteries are exception to the rule. You see, Islamist Rapists are good at one thing and one thing only, death and all that it entails.

Of course the efficiency at official cemeteries do extend to the network of nationwide off the book places where the state murdered Iranian men, women and children are buried and done away with. Like clockwork, mass graves are dug, executed dumped in and covered with dirt, no identifying marker, headstone or anything, like they never ever existed, all done efficiently and lickety-split.

That is certainly the case with the 97 Iranians who were murdered by the state during the past 30 calendar days. And that will be the case with the 5000 that are waiting to be executed to join the thousands upon thousands of Iranian men, women and children executed in the past thirty two years of Islamist Rapist rule over Iran and Iranians.

These messianic Islamist Rapist murderers bent on “managing the world” are after acquisition of nuke weapons. What does it take for the sane world to realize what and whom they are dealing with? 

What is the sane world waiting for; does it necessary have to be gritty black smoke billowing out of chimneys?

Before it is too late impose airtight sanctions including blood oil and gas on them now, empower enslaved Iranians with material support to overthrow them NOW!


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