To War?

Every few months the specter of a new American war in the Middle East is raised, and just as predictably, time passes without the firing of guns on a new front. So it has been since 9/11 ushered in the era of “war on terrorism” or better put, “permanent war”; for if the West is intent on waging war against a strategy, or a concept (which terrorism most certainly is), and one that has been with humans since the dawn of time, then that “war” is by definition unending (much like Ronald Reagan’s once vaunted but now forgotten “war on drugs”). In the name of that greater war, two countries have been invaded and two governments overthrown, only one of which (Afghanistan) had any legitimate connection to international terrorism. A third country, Iran, has been in the sights of those who advocate preemptive war since 9/11 itself, ostensibly to prevent it from developing a nuclear weapons capability which would allow it to either terrorize the Western world (and Israel), or use its proxies to do so. Thus, a war on Iran fits-in the minds of those advocating it- comfortably within the confines of the “war on terror”. Although the war on terror is not defined in racial or even national terms, the undertones-war on “radical” Islam-do reflect an ethnic bias, and the definition of radical seems to depend on whether the people and “inferior” nation obey the “superior” West (Saud… >>>

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