‘Beauty is skin deep’ as the saying goes. If there is is one cliché that simply hasn’t stood the test of time then it is this. Why are all these murdering terrorist thugs so hideously ugly? Doesn’t the Bible mention that even Lucifer was God’s most beautiful angel before before he was cast from heaven and into hell?

 How many  repulsive baboons can one regime boast: From Khomeini’s ferret like bushy eye brows to the ‘hanging judge’ Khalkhali’s squat face as if it came straight out of a monkey’s rectum. Let’s not forget the beloved Velayate ‘Fajih’ Seyed Ali Geda Khamenei and his junkie shot up heroine look. However, the winner of this grotesque beauty contest hands down has to the terrorist regime’s nuclear negotiator Said Jalili and his ugly hooked nose and facial hair which would put any simian to shame! Forget about Iran’s inalienable right to nuclear power how about exercising your right to see a good plastic surgeon. More people have nose jobs in Iran than anywhere else in the world so why doesn’t he get one? 

Please vote for your positively most ugliest terrorist in the occupying regime of Iran. 

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