Don’t push my buttons you filthy Zionist!

I have been looking at “Fred’s Blogs” recently, just trying to understand what this poor fella says which invokes such popular readership and hysteric feedbacks from the islamists on this site. They flock to his blogs, hurling abuse at him. They range  from more obvious, openly jew hating cyber bassiji type,  to more tricky, you know, hiding behind a “communist avatar” for example! Now some of you  say that these guys are not just islamists and are really paid agents of the islamist regime.   Maybe you have a point, but that’s not the point of this blog!

Anyhow, what i noticed was that Fred, seems to push certain buttons, things in his blogs:

1) Nuclear thing ( You see; a nuke warhead is every Shia hojjatist cult member’s  ultimate dream. Dont believe me, ask Ahmadinezhad!)

2) Sanction thing ( Now this is serious, you are talking about their paycheck. Did you hear about this bank in London just shut down the islamist regime’s accounts? Must be because of sanctions! Think of all the agha zadeh’s in london and toronto dying of hunger and  starvation now, you filthy heartless zionist!)

3) Neda (How dare you showing on internet and TV, to the entire world, that islamist regime is killing it’s own citizens in broad day light?! Stop exploiting her you filthy zionist! Did I not tell you that it was actually a Jewish BBC cameraman who killed Neda?

Well I will not dare pushing any of these buttons for fear of being called a Zionist! Rather you Fred!

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