DON’T CALL ME JUNIOR: How J.R Ewing Exported the Revolution To the Middle East

JR Ewing Lectures Bobby on business and politics and how the world Works

And you thought you knew everything about how they screwed us all ? ;0)       JR Ewing Tells Bobby how the world works:

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A very short segment of an interview in French with the Shah of Iran in late 1978:
Shah responds with a sardonic smile to a French Journalist asking him if he would resign (abdicate) …

Shah: “Do you know what would happen to Iran if I left ? …”
Journalist: “No” 
Shah: “Well … Then … Give it a thought”


Exporting Democracy in the Middle East -Raiders of the Lost Ark Swordsman Vs Gun:
  I wonder if  AghaDOKOTOR Bahram Moshiri Would Approve ?

Dallas JR’s Golden Rules:
    Recommended Readings:    
THE IRANIAN: Hollywood and oil by Darius KADIVAR (May 29, 2003)  

 by Darius KADIVAR ( On Oliver Stone’s W.)
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