Muslim Democracy? PANIC!!!

The panic here is multiple — no more big U.S. bucks, no more excuses for abuses of the Palestinians — and other Muslims by their own greedy dictators.

If you check with your neighbors — I live in the Upper West Side of Manhattan — you will discover that Jews as well as the rest of us are deeply distressed by the Israeli excesses. And Bibi looks a bit scared that his game may be up with the Mubarak out of there:

“Israel Concerned Egypt May Fall to Islamic Extremists” (Bibi)

“Israel is keeping a close eye on developments in Egypt.
The recent mass protests in Egypt have caused the Israeli government to reassess its security needs as Egypt may fall to Islamic extremists opposed to the existence of the Jewish state, the Associated Press reported. “In a state of chaos, an organized Islamic group can take over a country. It has happened. It happened in Iran,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “A takeover of oppressive regimes of extreme Islam violates human rights, grinds them to dust … and in parallel also pose a terrible danger to peace and stability.”


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