Once Upon a Time in the Evil Empire

Once upon a time in the Evil Empire, there arose to the Most Powerful Office in the Land, a very stupidly evil man named, George Walker Bush (the III George of the Empire).

George the III had been a less than mediocre student in school, he failed in every business that he tried to operate and as governor of one of the far-flung provinces of the Evil Empire called Texas, he was an unmitigated disaster. The axe of his executioner swung wildly and he dismantled the education system while ruining the environment.

George Walker Bush was not much different that any other Ruler of the Evil Empire in his Evilness, but the arrogant stupidity of his Evilness began to turn many of the Subjects of the Evil Empire off. What was also so different about George the III was that he stole the office in not a subtle coup, as in previous times, but in an obvious coup that ripped any semblance of democracy to shreds.


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