to all “Rofagha” here

Now you all  ” Rofagha ” with Sibil or without Sibil just open your eyes and do not let hate of IRI make you so blind to not see the reality that is happening on the streets ………… do not forget the policy of divide and rule ……. well Mash Ghasem you should know it since Daee jan Napoleon has warned you of it oh so many times ……..

I am for freedom and democracy in Iran ……. and i hope one day we will have  secular government … a government which strives to separate itself from any religious or spiritual matters

but I think there are extra hands in the middle of this fight who wants to just make things worse….. these hands are are never for building Iran but destroying it …… they want to ruin our demonstrations by vilonce so it makes it more justify for mullahs to kill and they want also more people be killed by the mullahs so things even get more stormy …… all for the benefit of no other country but our sweet innonce Isreal  …

 No one likes  Khadafy, Iranian regime or the Chinese regime, etc.  But why should the US do all the regime changes.  All these regimes will be changed by globalist Socialist pro-Wall Street banking “democratic regimes”.   U.S is planning a new geography and a new world order.  It is all to keep American people away from an uprising in US which is inevitable anyway.  (The MEK being trained in Nevada is also for use as thugs in US later on.)

Please read the following article carefully…..  US has been training MEK’s (Mujahidin Khalgh who are worse than Red Khmers of Cambodia) in Nevada.  The whole North Africa spreading intoBahrain is pretext for division of Iran.  US has spent 200 million dollars on MEKs for infiltrating Iran and killing  demonstrators on the street . The MEK thugs will kill thousands of innocent people and blame the government as well as killing pro government people to blame it on the demonstrators.

The thugs that have killed over 500 people in Libya and they blamed Khadafy for it are actually south Sudanese pro US trained Christian communists.  (Marxist Islamists, yak same thing).

Already all the media are saying they are Khadafy’s thugs while they are hoarded in by US.

 I have already post one article concerning this on the news section here …. take a look 


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