EU Should Blacklist Human Rights Violators

“Every single indictment against dissidents in Tehran bears Dolatabadi’s signature. His role in trampling the rights of detainees is indisputable,” Ghaemi said.

Dolatabadi is also among the top Iranian officials responsible for an execution binge in which over 110 persons have been put to death since the beginning of 2011.

“The 1500 persons arbitrarily detained for peaceful protests on 14 and 20 February are at risk of facing trumped-up charges,” Ghaemi added.

The Campaign welcomed the designation by US authorities of Mohammed Reza Naqdi, which it had recommended on 30 September 2010. Basij militia under Naqdi’s command have been at the forefront of violence and repression against civilians attempting to exercise their human rights since the tainted 2009 presidential election, including on 14 and 20 February 2011, when, under Naqdi’s orders, they beat peaceful demonstrators with electric batons, chains, and clubs.

Under Naqdi’s command, the Basij leadership has ruthlessly exploited thousands of poor and vulnerable Iranian teenagers, extending material inducements and promises to lure them into a militia unit that routinely intimidates and terrorizes the population.

“The Basij are both victimizers and victims. Child soldiers bear the heavy burden of carrying out misguided and criminal policies,” Ghaemi said.

“Targeting Iranian officials implicated in gross human rights violations is a powerful way for the inte… >>>

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