How many Iranians does it take?

In reacting to the latest crimes committed against demonstrating Iranians demanding their most basic human rights, the U.S. has imposed sanctions on two officials of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

In all probability nearing certainty, the feel-good sanctions against the two Islamist Rapists will have as much effect on the behavior of IRR toward Iranian people as the previous sanctions have had on eight other Islamist Rapists.

Watching the barbarity being meted out to the enslaved Libyan people by their slave masters, as the best way to weaken his rabid forces and consequently empowering the people of Libya, the san world leaders are talking about imposing crippling sanctions on Gaddafi regime.

 The question is why not doing the same to the rabid Islamist Rapist in Iran, why not imposing airtight sanctions on the ones who are raping, maiming and murdering Iranian men, women and children with impunity?

How many more Iranians have to be raped, maimed and murdered before the sane world reacts decisively?

Just name the number.

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