Improvements for, please

1. I would like to see a new, Hot Category defined: Most Discussed with Self (if half or more of the comments on a thread have been written by the blogger him or herself).

2. It would be great to have a pull-down menu with already defined values for all the names we like to call each other, in order to cut down on the amount of typing necessary on the site. A beginning list could include words such as Haji, Islamic Rapist Republic Mouthpiece, Sexist, Racist, Mozdoor, Vattan Foroosh, and so on.

3. Ditto with comments. We should have a set of canned items on a pull-down menu in the comments section, which would give us options most frequently used, or portions thereof, in order to cut down on the time needed to leave a comment, thereby to save the commentator’s precious time. A good place to start would be: “Sepaas,” “Thank you for this blog,” “I loved it!,” “Brilliant!,” “Excellent blog as usual!,” “You made my day,” “You are so right JJ!,” “Once again, the IRI agents have spoken,” etc.

4. In that same vein, we should also have “boiler-plate” comments, where most parts of a comment is already filled out and we just need to complete it by filling the blank parts. For example: “I loved where you said: [copy/paste the section you liked]. I think that was really great [type in the blogger’s ID]. Thank you.”

5. I would like to see a “Spontaneous Combustion” button in the comments section of the blogs, controlled by bloggers themselves. If the blogger does not like a commentator and/or his or her comment on their thread, they would be able to push that button, and voila! The pesky comment and the commentator would disappear. Some of the users find this much more satisfying than just giving the blogger the “Delete” option. 

6. There should be a “Filter” option, where a blogger could filter out certain usernames, words, or phrases; such as “fuck”, “ass”, “asshole”, “fuck that bitch”, “fuck that man”, “fuck you all”, “mozdoor”, “mozdoor’e past”, “mozdoor’e vattan foroosh”, “nokar’e amperialist”, and so on.

7. I suggest three “Suggestion Boxes”, one for contributors, one for un-registered users, and one for the owners and the administrators where they could suggest to themselves what ought to be done to the site.

8. I suggest a whole new section of the site dedicated to the art of copy/paste. I suggest this section to be called the Copy/Paste Section. Think about it, from articles to blogs to complete books by others, the opportunities are endless.

9. I suggest users be given access to a variety of buttons with which to show their affection for another user’s contributions.  The choices may start at “Like,” but should also go to “Love,” and “Ass Kiss,” to be on the safe side.

10. In the next upgrade versions, I suggest users control not only who comments on their blogs, but who gets to read them, and whether or not they have smirked while reading their contributions.  The “Spontaneous Combustion” option discussed in Article 5, may be implemented inside blogs and features in the future, whereby if someone so much as reads and smirks at a feature, the contributor can spontaneously combust the reader.

That’s it for now.  Thanks for asking for my suggestions.

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