Avoid at your peril

Those who still do not consider the weaponized nuke acquiring IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, a clear and present danger, would be wise not dismissing the repeated warning signs.

The latest one comes from none other than the head of IRR’s Brownshirts, aka Basij.  In the opening remarks to the gathered Basijies, Muhammad Reza Naghdi is quoted as saying:

“Tody 70% of world’s fossil energy is under the feet of the soldiers of the Velayat Faghih [the Head rapist Khamenei]. This has riled the enemy which is very much dependent on energy. Therefore, we have a promising future in front of us.

Very soon the oil and gas spigots which are controlled by U.S. will be in the hands of the people. And nations will be freed of the colonists and we have to help the people.”

The moment the messianic Islamists who rape, maim and murder Iranian men, women and children on daily basis get their hand on nuke, the sane world will be at their mercy for every drop of oil.

Before it is too late and the war IRR is so intent on imposing on all becomes unavoidable, imposition of airtight sanctions which include blood oil and gas is a must. So is materially helping the enslaved Iranians to overthrow their tyrants who have repeatedly said their mission is to “manage the world.”


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