February 28 (10 Esfand): developing news

And so, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard, and Mehdi Karroubi and Fatemeh Karroubi, were first put under house arrest inside their own homes for close to two weeks and then at some point transferred from their homes into a military detention center, reports say.

Another set of protests have been planned for today, March 1, 2011. Many of the people who will be taking to the streets today will be protesting the arrests. Some, however, will attend the protests for demands which have long surpassed due action on a fraudulent election. The Islamic Republic of Iran has never been so publicly hated and distrusted by Iranians. The amount of violence unleashed on Iranians seems to have delivered the country into a state of constant protest, boiling over into the streets at every conceivable chance.

After the silly performance Iran’s not-so-intelligent Minister of Intelligence put in last week on state TV, presenting more lies and fabricated “news,” many watch Iran’s protests with trepidation and fear. Lives were lost again during the last two demonstrations and from all evidence, more lives may be claimed through the government’s unleashing plainclothes thugs and armed officers on its unarmed citizens who, past “where is my vote?” are now asking, “Where are our friends?,” “Where are our family members?,” and “Where are our leaders?”

Please help bring any news you learn about Iran here. Let us get the voices of Iranians out of Iran. Remember, we are the media.

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