There is No Such Thing as a “Moderate Muslim”

So now, it is becoming clear that the guy who shot and killed the American Airmen at the Frankfurt Airport is an “Islamic extremist.”

But I have an issue with that.

In fact, I have a serious problem with such labels as “Extremist Muslim” and “Moderate Muslim,” as they are misleading and incorrect.

I – far from being alone in how I think about the matter – believe that Quran is clear enough in its doctrine, where it leaves no place for ambiguity in what is expected from a Muslim in how he/she should be and how the “Kuffar” (i.e. the unbelievers) should be dealt with.

And since Muslims believe with absolute certainty that the Quran is the very direct word of their God Allah, therefore by definition the word of God must be obeyed fully and in its entirety.

Thus, there is no room for compromise and discussion, or one would be in commission of apostasy. To that end, Allah has promised in clear terms time and again the sadistically torturous punishment he has waiting for those who disobey him.

Hence, whoever who engages in Jihad to kill “filthy” Americans and other kuffar and “infidels” is a by-the-book true Muslim, and those who call and consider themselves “Moderate Muslims” are actually confused individuals who don’t know what they are talking about and are practically not Muslims.

It is a fallacy that “extremists have hijacked the peaceful religion of Islam.” Alqaida and Wahabis and likes of them are actually true Muslims who are diligently trying to perform their religious duties and serve the will of Allah.

The free world needs to wake up and read Quran and get truly educated about Islam.

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