Arab world rocks US-backed ‘stability’

The US government says it wants “stability” in the Arab world. That sounds reasonable, right?

However, as US author and political analyst Noam Chomsky explained to
Press TV on February 24, for the US government, “stability” means
something other than what most people would think.

“You have to remember that stability is a cold code word,” Chomsky
said. “Stability doesn’t mean stability; it means obedience to US
domination … [It] doesn’t mean that things are calm and straightforward,
[it] means they are under control. That of course it is inconsistent
with democracy.

“The principle is that as long as people are quiet everything is fine
— if they stop being quiet, something has to be done to reassert
control. But it they are quiet, [US allies can] do what [they] like.
That is the basic principle of governance.”

In promoting its own brand of “stability” in the Arab world, the US
government raised military assistance funding to countries at the heart
of the current unrest in a budget for 2011, said
February 9, 2010.

Increases were given to Bahrain, Libya, Morocco, Oman and Yemen.
Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia also received significant funding despite it
being less than 2010.

However, many people in the Arab world — and beyond — are sick of the
US’s version of “stability” and want change. … >>>

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