Iranian Alternative Music Radio JAZZNOT – Episode 7

Jazz Nights of Tehran | is an organization devoted to Art and Music. We simply try to amplify voices of unheard artists and musicians. JAZZNOT believes that culture, art, and music complement each other and each uniquely affects the other. As a result, we try to focus on culture, art, and music and their affects.

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Track List:

  1. Baz Hava – Haale
  2. Harchi Mikhan  Ajam
  3. Engar – Karmandan
  4. Guess My Mind’s Gone Wrong – Bijan Moosavi
  5. Jabbar – Mohsen Azadbakhsh
  6. Heretic Anthem – Frosted Leaves
  7. Hunter (Shekarchi) – Raam
  8. Saghi – Kamran Jahanbani
  9. Salvation – Laleh
  10. Nocturne – 127 Band

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