Israel provides henchmen for Gaddafi

A man believed to be a mercenary from Chad, captured by anti-government demonstrators in Libya Israeli arms distribution company
Global CST has reportedly, under the authorization of Tel Aviv, provided
Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi with African mercenaries to clamp down on
anti-government protesters.

Egyptian sources have revealed that the
Israeli company has so far provided Gaddafi’s regime with 50,000
African mercenaries to attack the civilian anti-government protesters in

The arms company was previously convicted in an African country over illegal deals, News-Israel website reported.

Sources say Global CST had obtained the permission for providing the
mercenaries to Gaddafi from the Israeli officials in advance.

Earlier, Global CST general manager had met with the head of the
Israeli Intelligence Agencies (Aman) and Defense Minister Ehud Barak and
obtained the permission for the measure.

The company representatives also met with Abdullah Sanusi, the head of
Libyan Internal Intelligence, in Chad to discuss the details for a final
agreement, the report says.

The mercenaries who attack the civilians in Tripoli have mostly come from Chad.

Gaddafi regime pays $2000 per day for each mercenary. The mercenaries
receive $100 per day… >>>

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