The perfect (desert) storm

The great 2011 Arab revolt, the cry for democracy in Northern
Africa, the mostly Shi’ite revolt in the Persian Gulf, the Western
despair over the price of oil, and the new United States Middle East
doctrine of “regime alteration” – not to mention the Pentagon’s
full-spectrum dominance doctrine – have been convoluted into the
ultimate political storm in MENA (Middle East/Northern Africa). The
storm deploys devastating gusts of hypocritical winds.

For starters, the enlightened, democratic West has decided Muammar Gaddafi has to be taken down – or out.

The George W Bush administration invaded both Afghanistan and Iraq,
killing hundreds of thousands of people in the process, directly and
indirectly; and as everyone knows, with no end in sight, and with total
impunity. Now it’s the turn for the law of the (wild) West to be
applied, via the Barack Obama administration, to the African king of
kings – as in it’s OK if we bearers of the White Man’s Burden kill a lot
of people, but not OK if the killer is a John Galliano-dressed Bedouin

This is the absolute bottom line; either the West arms the eastern
liberated Libya rebels to their teeth, or Muammar Gaddafi will win this
war, by switching the fight from cities to the desert, and by applying
slightly increasing degrees of force. Thus, in a slightly duller version
of endless plot advanceme…

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